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Since 2018, 2nd Phase Foundation’s goal has been to help athletes, ranging from middle school through the professional ranks, establish the skill sets required to succeed once their playing days are over.  Often, athletes spend years committed to athletic accomplishments, while neglecting the importance of building their resume outside of sports. 


The 2nd Phase Foundation will provide career development skills such as: resume writing, interviewing and professional networking. Athletes are often the center of attention during their playing days, but can be easily forgotten once they are no longer in their prime. Where do they go from there? We would like to see our athletes use their other skills in order to build themselves a better future once competing has become a distant memory. While molding our athletes is at the forefront of the foundation, we also have goals of making a difference in the local community by providing additional resources and opportunities to those in need.

Our Board and Team

Jason "Coffee" Jones
Associate Director
Deon W. Moore
Sterling W. Perry
Board Member
Quinten P. Walker
Board Member
Nicholas Sapp
Board Member
Calvin B. Roberts
Board Member
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