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2nd Phase Foundation Attends Ignite Conference 2019

The 2nd Phase Foundation was selected to attend Microsoft Ignite 2019 as part of its Nonprofit Fellowship Program. The program included a variety of speakers and panelists who are not afraid of tackling tough topics and having challenging conversations around diversity and what it means to have that in the tech industry. Many times, companies can fall into the trap of “hiring for diversity but managing for conformity” and that that does not allow for true diversity in a work environment. The program also stressed how “the importunate and value of diversity and inclusion is key in ensuring that we collectively build strong, creative, and uniquely diverse organizations in tech”. There was an emphasis on the inclusion of all individuals, regardless of race, sex, age, gender, faith, sexual orientation, ability, neurodiversity, or anything else. People should be excepted for who they are no matter how they look or what they prefer. Thinking this way makes for real diversity not only through the tech industry but throughout the workforce as a whole.

It was a pleasure to be selected to attend this conference. The foundation was able to gain many resources that will provide pathways for athletes looking to pursue a career in the tech field. Diverse teams provide diverse input and build great products for ALL people. Make sure you look at the list of resources that will help pursue a career in the tech world!

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