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Foundation donates to Saunders Elementary

October 28, 2019 This past month the 2nd Phase Foundation donated $200 to Ms. Lindsay Cunningham, the 2nd Grade teacher at Saunders Elementary. This year for the Scholastic Book Club Saunders Elementary asked for donations to get more take-home books for their students. After communicating with the school and seeing what was needed, we made the decision to donate to Ms. Cunningham’s classroom. Ms. Cunningham is a recent graduate of Hampton University and a first-year kindergarten teacher at Saunders Elementary. The funds donated will “help to build [her] classroom library and provide books for the students to have at home to read”. We are extremely excited to be able to help Ms. Cunningham make this the best first year of school and we are happy to help the children with their classroom library! Good luck Ms. Cunningham and have a wonderful year!

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